Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Can I just get dentures?

Seriously?! I need another crown. I already have one on the very back molar on the bottom. The one in front of it has now broken off and there is a big chunk missing. I went to the dentist today to see if she can fill it but she said it is really too weak to try and fill. Dang! The bad thing is Doug and I just got dental insurance after not having it for a year on October 15 2009. It has a waiting period of 12 months for major procedures like crowns and root canals. Sooooo that means I have to wait 6 more months to get it done. Meanwhile my dentist said that I should try to really keep the tooth clean and baby it so it doesnt get any worse. I seriously think dentures would just be easier.

Funny thing is, I never had tooth issues before having kids. After Aaron was born I had 6 cavities. Then I was good for awhile and got pregnant with Anna and got more cavities. After Anna was born was when I had to get the first crown. Cost me about $400 out of pocket. Now I had Emily about 19 months ago and here I am needing another crown. At the rate I'm going if I had another kid I better just get dentures.....

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