Monday, March 15, 2010

Manic Monday

Oh's just another Manic Monday!

My day started off well. The girls slept in a little since neither of them fell asleep until after 10pm. I still had to get up early to get Aaron on the bus at 7:05am. He didn't want to go to school and was whining about that. Hey if i was a 7 year old that had to get up at 6:30 to catch a bus to school I'd be unhappy too! For some reason the school district thinks that elementary school children learn better earlier in the day. Um...they have never met my elementary school child. LOL!!

I then went to StrollerFit where I am the new sub instructor. I am doing my training right now with the primary instructor, Theri. We worked out for an hour then headed home. The first thing Anna did when we got home was to get into my pantry in the kitchen and start sucking on the bottle of syrup! Yuk! Lunch consisted of the usual picking at food and then throwing it on the floor. Emily got cheese in her hair. It's kind of cute except for the cheddar stench to her head. LOL!

Aaron is home now and tells me of how a boy in his class who we hear a lot about (and not in a good way) decided to fight with the principal, Ms. Hill and got suspended. Yikes! I just prayed to God right there, thanking him that my son is a good boy and is well-behaved. Now we're just getting ready to start dinner and Aaron has a soccer game at 6:50pm. It's his last indoor soccer game. He's up to 9 goals for the season. Maybe tonight he'll make it an even 10. I'll give him a Snickers before the game starts....maybe a little Pepsi too. Hehe!

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